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What is Identity Management?

Inquire a couple of information technology engineers and administrators what identity management is all about and you will get a lot of answers. It does not need to be complex. Picture identity management as a building. Not all people can go to all rooms in the building and not everyone are able to go through the filing cabinets even though they are allowed to go to the room. Each individual has a key that permits that individual to access rooms that the individual is permitted to access. No more, no less.

Or better yet, picture out an extravagant hotel. Get more info about Identity Intelligence at identity intelligence. When you obtain the key at the front desk, this would allow you to go into your room, business center, swimming pool area and indoor gym. It will not let you access the kitchen, janitor's closet, and other rooms in the hotel. You necessitate to have a different key for that. You are only given with the permission to go to particular areas that are delineated by the management.

In the same way, a computer network is similar to a hotel and every guest room is a representation of application, database, or file on that computer network. The workers employed in the hotel are the users. And the keys are the privileges and rights that the administrator defines to every individual on the network. These rights will give an access to a database, application or file. The keys (privileges and rights) also controls what the users can do while they access a certain application or file.

The same with hotel security, the identity management is considered as the most vital form of information protection that companies and agencies take advantage.Learn more about Identity Intelligence at Yet, it is also among the improperly implemented and least used of all the information security practices.

Identity management is more than just allowing a user to log in. identity management will decide what the users can do, the same to placing locks on the walls and doors inside a hotel. In so many words, it is more than just giving rights to the users so that they can log in. the administrator will assign a credential like a worker or number. That number or credential will give the employee the access to the network and would determine the resources that are made accessible. In addition, the credential can notify the administrator in the event the user is accessing prohibited areas. Learn more from

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